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In the past, the federal government has invested in programs designed to provide access to high speed internet in underserved areas. The most important of these programs was part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) passed in 2009. This law was a response to the national financial crisis of 2008 and an attempt to create more jobs and economic opportunities for out-of-work and struggling Americans.

Expanding satellite internet to rural areas is a logical response to the financial crisis. As more and more sectors of the economy become partially or completely digital, access to quality and dependable internet service is becoming a basic necessity. Unemployed people seeking jobs need to be able to search the many job postings and employment sites present online. Professionals who need to participate in trainings and certification programs in order to maintain their credentials often need to take part in online meetings, lectures and tests. Increasingly, education in general is happening in the digital realm. Finally, entrepreneurs who are starting their own businesses need to be able to use the internet in order to create websites, network with clients and other professionals and to stay informed of the newest happenings in their industries.

The government aimed to address all these issues with the ARRA high speed internet program. Several billion dollars were allocated to help residents of rural areas pay for the installation of satellite internet. These funds were available to households who met the eligibility criteria. Essentially, people had to live in certain qualified rural areas and not already have satellite internet access.

In this program, the government partnered with private companies to enable more people to connect to information and opportunities. Unfortunately, the money funding this program has all been used up. The ARRA program is no longer active. However, we believe strongly in the importance of Internet access for the economic revitalization of rural communities and other underserved areas. While this specific program is no longer running, there may be other incentives available for your region. Some states, counties and cities offer their own financial incentives and subsidies for installing satellite internet. Please contact us to learn more.

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