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If your business or residence is located in an area that does not have broadband Internet service, you are operating at a distinct disadvantage. Access to high-speed Internet is essential for anyone who is trying to provide information and do work in the information economy. Why settle for slow-as-molasses dial-up Internet service when you can get your own fast satellite Internet connection? You may be waiting a long time for high-speed Internet to come to your rural area. Internet service providers may be reluctant to set up an expensive infrastructure to serve a smaller customer base. However, you can take matters into your own hands and sign up for a satellite Internet service today. All you need is a satellite dish and a modem for your computer. The satellite Internet service provider may install the dish for you, or you may be able to put it in yourself. Satellites are in orbit around the Earth, and you access them through the dish, much like people who receive satellite TV signals to receive hundreds of channels. Your Internet satellite dish mounts on the roof of your home or business. If the roof is not a suitable location, you can have the dish installed on a wall or a pole.

The signal picked up from the satellite dish goes through a modem that connects to your computer or your computer network, enabling you to access the high-speed Internet. Your modem may connect to the computer over Ethernet cable or through a wireless router. Wireless connections enable you to have multiple computers access the Internet from anywhere on your premises.

Once you start getting your Internet through a satellite connection, you can stop dedicating a phone line for dial-up access. You can cancel the phone line, or use it for a fax machine.Access to the Internet with a fast satellite connection will enable you to quickly check and send email, browse websites and download enormous files in the blink of an eye. You'll also be able to take advantage of such features as online video conferences, which can save you time by letting you attend a meeting without having to leave the office. You'll also be able to stream music and video without waiting for the "buffering" message. Fast Internet access also enables your employees to work efficiently from a home office. After you set up a fast satellite Internet connection at your home or business and begin using it to regularly access the information you need, you'll probably wonder why waited so long to get it.

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